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Bonding for Beauty



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Bonding for Beauty






Beautiful tooth coloured composite filling material can be bonded to gappy, crooked, chipped and discoloured teeth to make them look straight, white and attractive. Often we will discuss and advise on whitening treatments that can be done gently and safely beforehand to give your teeth that extra lift and sparkle.

Usually no drilling on your teeth is needed and no injection to numb the teeth. The procedure is completely pain free and is quite durable. 

Composite filling material is not as hard as Porcelain Veneers or Ceramic but the advantage is that any wear or chipping can easily be repaired in future, normally without redoing the whole tooth.

Bonding can be expected to last  5 - 10 years, often longer if one is careful, and although they will not usually last as long as Porcelain Veneers the real advantage is that no tooth structure is removed.





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