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Smile makeover

Smile Team Smile
We at Smile Team want to make sure that your smile is the best there one there as the bride or groom, so why not come see us for a consultation.
Gappy Teeth before Bonding
92% of people think that an attractive smile is a major social asset... are you happy with your smile?
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Tooth Wear and Worn and Discoloured Teeth can be unsightly and embarrassing for anyone. Our Smile Portfolio can help you by making the teeth more even and correcting the discolouration as well.
Worn stained teeth with discoloured fillings
Stained or discoloured teeth can make one self-conscious.
Crooked teeth before Smile Design.
These very crooked and missing teeth were treated with Veneers and Crowns, and also Bridges to fill the gaps at the back.
Crooked teeth before Smile Design.
Crooked teeth can be straightened orthodontically over a longer period of time or more quickly using thin ceramic veneers.
After gaps are corrected
By reversing inherited or acquired lifetime damage to your smile you can reduce your apparent age by several years!
Before bonding
Worn and chipped teeth can be repaired easily with modern Bonding techniques. Durable tooth coloured filling is bonded to the broken and worn surfaces. Normally this is done with no drilling on the teeth at all.
Gappy Teeth before Bonding
Beautiful tooth coloured composite filling material can be bonded to gappy, crooked, chipped and discoloured teeth to make them look straight, white and attractive. Often we will discuss and advise on whitening treatments that can be done gently and safely beforehand to give your teeth that extra lift and sparkle