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Home Teeth Whitening

Some teeth are naturally pigmented or discoloured as they develop. Intrinsic stains and discolourations may be due to factors such as Tetracycline antibiotics, high fluoride intake or traumatic injury. 

Exposure to coffee, tea, juices, red wine, soda or tobacco accounts for much of the darkening as we age.


1 Before

1 Before

2 After

 After Teeth before whitening -  7 shades lighter in two weeks! 


How does "W h i t e" Home Whitening remove stains?

The White  teeth whitening system will remove most stains with a gentle action that will release oxygen to oxidise (bleach) stains within your teeth. This treatment is a moderate alternative to crowns or veneers, where the restoration of natural teeth to a lighter colour is needed, and must be administered or supervised by a registered dental practitioner following appropriate diagnosis.

How is it done? 

This is a home based application, so you can bleach your teeth when convenient. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth and a technician will make a special close fitting tray to hold the gel next the teeth to be treated. You apply the gel for 2 hours a day for 10-14 days and should observe considerable brightening at the end of this period.

Before teeth whitening
Before teeth whitening
After Home Teeth Whitening
After Home Teeth Whitening

How long does the effect last?

Studies have shown that the whitening effect colour stability is such that at 18 months it is still 75% of the whitest colour achieved and at 36 months is at 62%. The factors that originally caused the staining may slowly cause a deterioration over a longer period of time but a shorter 'top up' of  "White" will quickly return the teeth to the desired shade again.



Does it hurt?

Teeth may become mildly sensitive and this is reported by about 14 cases in 100. This normally stops after a few days with no longer lasting effects.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the method chosen and whether it is agreed to whiten just the upper teeth or both uppers and lowers together. Other factors influence the cost such as the type of staining (tetracycline antibiotic staining for instance requires more involved techniques) but generally prices start from £295 for these treatments.


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