Family and Cosmetic Private Dental Practice in Dorset

Dental treatments

Cfast Invisible Orthodontic Braces
We have been amazed at the fantastic results of the New Cfast Invisible brace system. Teeth that have been crooked for years have begun to straighten within weeks!
Teeth Whitening
The Opalescence tooth whitening system will remove most stains with a gentle action that will release oxygen to oxidise (bleach) stains within your teeth.
Implants are placed where teeth are missing to provide a new root on which a crown or bridge is supported.
CEREC – same day Crowns
Within ONE appointment we can produce beautiful restorations using the world exclusive system of CEREC 3D Design.
Root Canal Treatment
Fortunately these days with modern techniques Root Canal Treatment is normally painless and has a very high success rate when done with care.
Bite guards and snore guards
We will usually be told if our snoring disturbs others but most of us who grind or clench our teeth at night are not aware of it.
Wrinkle Relaxation and Facial Fillers
What did you see last time you looked in the mirror? More wrinkles than last time? Look younger again! Vistabel is the new trade name for Botox.