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Implant Dentures

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Implant Dentures

A classic dental problem – the loose lower denture – and its solution.

When there is very thin lower gum ridge the denture proves very unstable and makes life a misery for the wearer.

This is solved for ever using 4 to 6 Mini Ball implants in lower jaw to anchor the denture very rigidly.

Denture supported on implant bar

For upper dentures the retention is so good that the conventional full palate coverage is no longer necessary and the shape can be the same as a lower denture – just a ‘horseshoe’ arch of teeth – excellent news for those with an active ‘gag’ reflex.

Implants for dentures can be of the bar or ball type. The ball type uses a corresponding housing  to secure it in the denture.

Ball type abutment

On the left is a ball type abutment, which enables a loose denture to be securely fitted in the upper or lower jaw.

Osteocare make mini and midi post and ball type implants.

One piece ball implants are generally used for dentures.

Two piece implants allow a ball abutment for denture initially, and if possible, a crown or bridge may be able to be fitted later.

Ball implants

Housings on ball implants

Housings in denture


Pictures show implants in place, the ‘O’ ring housings added to the ball tops and their final inclusion in the denture. Retention of the denture is fantastic – no more potentially embarrassing moments!

I had a new upper implant (x 4) retained denture. I am very comfortable with the new implant retained denture. They don’t wiggle around like the old ones and it is very easy to eat with them – I’ve even had hard chocolaty things! It also feels very nice not to have a palate on the denture and I can taste again.
The old denture was increasing in size as I had more teeth added and retaining wires but the new ones feel so slim in comparison.
I’m very happy!

Cyril D.R.

Dear Terry and all the girls
I will never beable to thank you enoughfor making me feel so at ease the day I had my treatment, the care and attention and time you gave to me making my implants and denture to fit so perfectly I feel like a million dollars they look and feel fantastic I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I smile with confidence which I have not been able to do for a long time. I have had so many compliments a very big thank you to you all
From one who can’t stop smiling
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