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Hygienist Gum Care

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As part of your regular care you should see the Hygiene Therapist periodically to help maintain the health of yours gums.

Each of us as an individual will need a different frequency of visit. We all build up stain and hard tartar under and around the gum to a lesser or greater degree.

This tartar can trap bacteria under the gum line causing damage to our gums and bone and this can lead to tooth loss from periodontal disease.

You might need to visit the Hygiene Therapist only once or twice a year or if needed 3 to 4 times a year depending on how healthy your gums are.




Tooth brushing as part of good oral hygiene
Tooth brushing as part of good oral hygiene


Many of us will find a 6 monthly Check up and Hygienist visit is just right but some of us may have more severe gum problems or may be more susceptible to gum disease. Sometimes for patients with gum disease a 3 or 4 monthly interval is recommended especially at first if you have not had regular hygienist visits before. 

A change in our medical condition, such as diabetes, may also affect our general health and this is no exception when it comes to our mouths.

If you build up very little tartar and have no gum disease then a 9 monthly or yearly visit might suit you better but even regular visits to the Hygienist will not be enough to look after your teeth for the rest of your life.

Tooth brushing twice a day, floss or interdental cleaning at least once a day, as part of good oral hygiene

Your daily cleaning routine will be what ultimately decides how healthy your teeth stay and how long you keep them.

We will recommend certain brushes and toothpastes to look after your mouth and also what sort of inter-dental cleaners might be good.

Handy inter-dental brushes such as TePe or Wisdom can be very useful and easier than dental floss, while dental flossettes such as the Glide range are excellent and make flossing easy even at the back of the mouth.  For your convenience we have many of these items in stock. Talk to your Hygienist about which ones to purchase from us at your next visit.

Your Hygienist will be able to guide you on how often to attend and can often recommend and carry out treatments such as Dental Whitening.

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