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Happy Air

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Happy Air

You Do ever

  • Get anxious about your dental visits?
  • Know that you need dental treatment but worry that you won’t be able to cope?
  • Get stressed to the point of physical upset? (raised heart rate etc)
  • Remember uncomfortable, even painful sessions in the past? (elsewhere of course!)
  • Have fears going back as far as childhood visits to the school dentist?

The Smile Team has the Magic answer!

Smiley Happy Air Nose Piece

Introducing you to “Happy Air!”

“Happy Air” also known as ‘Giggle Gas’ is gently breathed through a small nose piece and allows you to completely relax. You feel as though you are floating on air and are totally at ease with its very pleasant calming sensation .

“Happy Air” consists of Nitrous Oxide (N20) + Oxygen (02). Low levels of Nitrous Oxide provide a high level of analgesia (pain relief) and sedation. It is carefully “fine tuned” to just the right level for you.

It has been used safely for over 50 years and is very popular in the United States for dental anxiety control.

EXPERIENCE it for FREE and see how it can help!

  • FREE 15 minute introduction sessions of this modern light sedation / analgesia technique.
  • Its completely safe.
  • Fast recovery time and normally able to drive within 30 minutes! (some individuals may vary).

To take up this offer contact The Smile Team to make this free introductory appointment for you.

If you find ‘Happy Air’ really helps you we can use it for your future dental appointments.

Fees for ‘Happy Air’ inhalation sedation vary per session depending on the time taken and treatments planned.

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