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Dental Examinations

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Regular Dental Examinations or Dental Check ups are important to maintain your dental health.

This means that simple problems can either be monitored or treated early on in order prevent more complicated and potentially costly treatment.

If you are a regular patient with us you will be aware of how careful and thorough our Dental examinations are.

As a New Patient attending for your first examination we will spend time understanding your dental needs and we will be able to advise on and treat any problems or disease found.

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As well as a full examination of your gums and teeth your assessment will check your Jaw joints and soft tissues, including a cancer screening. We will record your existing teeth and any treatment you have had done and take any Dental X-rays needed.

Putting this all together with your ideas of what you would like for your future dental health we will design a Dental Health plan for you.


This may be something simple and often might involve seeing our gentle Dental Hygienist on a regular basis to help you maintain your gums, the foundation of your teeth.

Sealants on childrens back molar teeth are painless and easy to do and can help avoid decay in future.

If a weak spot has formed you may be able to keep it healthy or reverse the lesion using a good Fluoride toothpaste.

If the decay has gone too far or become soft possibly a small filling might be needed.

More complex plans may involve larger fillings for deep decay, or Crowns or Bridges to close gaps when teeth have been lost or heavily filled in the past.

Even heavily filled teeth can often be saved, sometimes Root Canal treatment can be carried out to treat a dental abscess or dying nerve.

Missing teeth can be replaced with Bridges or Implants. Dentures can also be a solution but need to be kept very clean and in good order so as not to affect the health of the gums around any remaining teeth.

Whatever your needs are we can help you formulate the best plan that suits you and help you achieve a healthy and good looking smile.

Payment plans are available often with staged payments and this can help spread the cost of treatment. All payment plans need to be agreed with the practice on an individual basis.

If you are looking for an indication of fees, please look here .

If you would like to book an appointment please call reception on 01202 871053

We look forward to seeing you for your next Dental Examination!
We are conveniently located in West Moors, Dorset,  just off the A31, close to Ferndown and Bournemouth.

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