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Dental treatments

Happy Air
“Happy Air” also known as ‘Giggle Gas’ is gently breathed through a small nose piece and allows you to completely relax. You feel as though you are floating on air and are totally at ease with its very pleasant calming sensation .
Housings on ball implants
Implants for dentures can be of the bar or ball type. The ball type uses a corresponding housing to secure it in the denture.
If you break or crack a tooth, or need a large filling replaced, often you will need a stronger material than normal white filling if you want it to last a long time.
Mercury free restorations
Mercury free restorations
Mercury filling
In the UK Dental amalgam is classified as hazardous waste and includes amalgam in any form and materials contaminated with amalgam.
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As a New Patient attending for your first dental examination we will spend time understanding your dental needs and we will be able to advise on and treat any problems or disease found.
Dental Implants are made of Titanium and are used as an artificial tooth root and placed where teeth are missing they are ‘implanted’ into the jaw bone
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Regular Dental Examinations or Dental Check ups are important to maintain your dental health. This means that simple problems can either be monitored or treated early on in order prevent more complicated and potentially costly treatment.
Hygienist Gum Care
As part of your regular care you should see the Hygiene Therapist periodically to help maintain the health of yours gums. You might need to visit the Hygiene Therapist only once or twice a year or if needed 3 to 4 times a year depending on how healthy your gums are.
It is known we use several visual references to determine peoples social standing and relative age. Their smile and in particular their teeth give instant visual clues to this process.
Zoom! Instant teeth whitening
Zoom ! whitening system uses a light activated gel which is supervised by the dentist. After a short preparation to cover the lips and gums the gel is applied to the teeth. The Zoom light is then initiated.
SNAP Instant Smile Preview
Come and have your smile imaged and a preview done for free. Whether you are thinking of whitening your teeth or having that dream smile you've always wanted this allows you to get an idea of how good you will look!