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First Aid course
Every Year we at Smile Team re- do our First Aid course. Here's a picture of us doin it, and having fun and learning any new techniques. We take our patient care seriously, and we hope you feel safe and happy coming to us.
Ice cubes
It is always worth discussing your tooth sensitivity with your dentist or hygienist so treatment can be advised accordingly. In the meantime, one of the best things you can do at home is use a de-sensitizing toothpaste.
Smile Team Staff
Staff Qualifications
New Patients are always welcome, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you. We understand that changing Dental Practices can be daunting but our friendly Reception Team can help guide you.
Here at The Smile Team we are happy to tell you that we have a Denplan Essentials Plan that can help you cover the yearly costs of examinations and hygiene visits it includes the cost of dental Radiographs and dental insurance in case you have a problem when on holiday or out of the area.
Housings in denture
Small titanium Implants are an excellent anchor for holding dentures in place and is a very simple procedure that could make all the difference to your lifestyle.
Smile Team Private Dental Practice
The Smile Team’s private cosmetic dental practice has been established over 25 years and has frequently been at the forefront of the dental health revolution.
Online Booking Now available for New Patients!
Online booking is now available for new patients to book New Patient examinations with the Dentists or Hygienist appointments with Jennie Birch our Hygiene Therapist.